At Forbes Music Company, we’re a family of musicians, teachers, and staff, all geared towards one goal: making a difference!

We specialize in bringing fun and qualified teachers into the homes of our clients. Parents and students love the convenience of lessons in the comfort of their own home and teachers enjoy a change of pace, the warm welcome of their students’ families, and the opportunity for growth.

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A Learning Community

As a benefit to our teachers, Forbes Music features a collaborative Professional Learning Community, available to all our teachers who choose to participate. Our Professional Learning Community meets regularly to share expertise, and works collaboratively to improve teaching skills and the performance of students.

Endless Resources

Our workshops, resources, and coaching sessions are there when you need it, and open to all our teachers who want to take advantage. It’s just another way we separate ourselves from the rest!

Join our elite group of teachers and...

- Set your own schedule
- Teach private and group lessons
- See what our teachers have to say

Our teachers have the opportunity to...

- Set their own curriculum
- Build lasting relationships with their students
- Receive bonuses with our referral program

Preferred candidates possess...

- A bachelor’s degree in music
- Previous teaching experience
- An ability to play multiple instruments

Well Rounded Programs

Forbes Music Company strives to provide a music education program that helps each student develop their own unique musical talent while promoting improved self-confidence, academic and professional skills, healthy social skills, and overall happiness. Our goal is the continued development and well being of the student as both a musician and a creative, well-rounded person.

We’re also cutting-edge!

Forbes Music Company implements a suite of proprietary technologies and apps that improve rapid communication with staff, and enable teachers’ effective and efficient management of their own students, schedules and calendars. We make your life better!

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