S.O.S. Calls

Each teacher will have a weekly State of Schedule or “S.O.S. Call” with a member of the FMC administration staff. These phone calls serve as a method of keeping everyone connected and supported. Calls are your chance to discuss your schedule for the upcoming week. Discussions can be about,  

  • Lessons with current and/or new students.
  • Scheduling abnormalities
  • Cancellations
  • Parental feedback
  • Unaddressed notifications (NSI, Confirming new students)
  • Unaddressed pending lessons
  • Balancing other commitments along with teaching.
  • Any problems or potential issues/concerns arising in lessons.
  • Preparation for recitals or other FMC organized activities.

SOS calls are scheduled for the same day and time each week to keep communication consistent. If you miss an S.O.S. call, call your administrator back if they left a number in a voicemail or email FMC (info@forbesmusic.com). We understand that things pop up and sometimes calls are missed, but please make every effort to be available and ready for the phone call at the agreed upon date and time.

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