Professional Presentation

What makes a person a professional is more than being paid to do a job. The way you dress, the language you use, and your preparation for lessons all contribute to how people perceive you. At Forbes Music Company, we expect all of our teachers to hold the highest standards for professionalism in and out of lessons.


While FMC does not have a uniform or specific dress code, our contract does state to “dress appropriately which includes NO ripped clothing or clothing with messages or images denoting drugs, sex or illicit activity.” We understand that clothing is a form of expression, but teachers should recognize that they are representing the company when attending lessons. Having a clean, put-together appearance will show your students that you are invested in what you do.


Employing clear, friendly, and timely communication is essential to building lasting relationships with students and families.

  • Respond to emails, calls, and texts promptly and accurately. If you’re not sure how to answer a student’s question, you can let them know you will reach out to the office for more information. Use this same promptness when reaching out to your students about cancellations or changes you need to make.
  • The words you use are important. Never promise something to a student or family that you cannot guarantee. This goes for everything from lesson scheduling to musical achievements.
  • Your tone of voice conveys meaning, whether in writing or speaking. We all have off days and sometimes we just struggle being friendly or generous. While these moods are unavoidable, we need to do everything to not let negativity seep into the way we speak or write to students.


There’s more that goes into teaching than just showing up for lessons. Outside the lesson teachers will need to set aside time to research repertoire suggestions, music theory exercises, and plan for the next lesson.

  • Plan ahead! Having a well thought out lesson plan that spans multiple lessons will keep you and your students on track. You’re less likely to forget to address a fundamental technique or theory idea, and your student will stay motivated and engaged.

Materials for Lessons

We want to help you provide the materials your students need in lessons. Send us your recommendations for each student, and we’ll work directly with their families to purchase and ship the suggested books.

Click here to find out how to provide books and materials for your students through FMC.