Writing for the FMC Knowledge Base

There is a low barrier for entry in our industry. Our industry is littered with inexperience, carelessness, neglect, and incompetence. Music teachers can be found everywhere from posted signs on grocery store bulletin boards, to Craigslist, to universities. What separates one organization from another?

You do. As a teacher with Forbes Music, you have expertise the world needs to hear about and learn from. And we’d like to provide that platform to share the knowledge. What topics you wonder? You pick. What are you an expert in? What information can you share that will help teachers and students of all ages, levels, and learning styles?

We’re creating a deep catalog of expert insight and information to support our assertion of domain authority. Let’s help our fellow teachers, students, and DIYers. Lets create a resource that anyone can access with a guide to their musical galaxy, and in turn, make everyone’s experience with music learning better and easier. Add a notch in your belt and a section on your resume- be a Forbes Music contributing author.

Here are some helpful items below…

A few notes and guidelines:

  • This is not a blog. These are educational, informative reference articles. Please do not use 1st person.
  • We’re looking for extremely high quality, well-written, professional content. We may not accept every submission if it doesn’t meet a standard of professionalism.
  • We are looking for a minimum of 6 submissions per author.
  • Topics are entirely up to the author. We encourage educational and informative writing that establishes music authority and expertise. We will not accept submissions that have religious, political, or otherwise divisive undertones.

Format and formatting:

  • There will be a section dedicated to each author.
  • Articles require a short title.
  • Most formatting elements are acceptable (bullets, numbering, bold, italics, etc), including boxed sections and pictures.
  • Aim for 500-750 words (roughly one page) per article. They’re short, informative expertise!
  • Outbound links are not acceptable. Do not use them.


  • Contributors will receive $30 per accepted submission only after final draft approval. Accepting submissions is at the discretion of Forbes Music Company.
  • Authors will be required to sign a “sale” agreement per purchased article.
  • After submission is accepted, the content will belong to Forbes Music Company.
  • Authors will receive author credit on the website.


  • There is no deadline. Be thoughtful and take your time.
  • We would like to see a plan, thematic suggestions, and content ideas before accepting submissions. Organized topics are a great start.
  • A minimum of 6 are required before any will be published.

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