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Explore a world of musical styles and discover the symphony of possibilities. We go beyond just the notes on the page to provide fun, positive, and creative experiences. Music is about more than just sounds and notes on a page. Build confidence, and learn how to express yourself. Forbes Music can help.

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Explore different styles like jazz, pop, rock, blues, folk, and classical. We’ve got the teachers!

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All ages are welcome and it’s never to late to start! We can help no matter your skill level.

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It’s your music, on your schedule, with the best teachers. Period. Come see for yourself.

Music Lessons for the Beginner or Advanced Student

When you choose Forbes Music, you'll enjoy the advantage and convenience of in-home private music lessons at your own pace and tailored specifically to you. It's your music, on your schedule, with the best teachers!

Taking Piano Lessons with Forbes Music

Above all else, Forbes Music is guided by an uncompromising commitment to excellence in music education. Our commitment begins with our rigorously screened network of the best piano teachers in Westchester, NY. We provide private, in-home piano lessons on your schedule that will inspire passion, creativity, and a deeper enjoyment of music in students of all ages and skill levels. Our vast network of the most skilled, experienced, and passionate music teachers is unsurpassed. Our primary goal is to create a positive student experience by helping you fulfill all your musical ambitions and aspirations. That is why our motto is "We teach some of life's greatest lessons".

Forbes Music Company’s mission is to help its students improve their quality of life and develop a deeper love, appreciation, and enjoyment of music by providing piano lessons that develop skills, build confidence, and promote happiness—but most importantly, our piano lessons are fun!

With our vast network of fun and friendly piano teachers in Westchester, NY, Forbes Music provides engaging and interactive music education programs that don’t just promote musical excellence, but academic achievement, improved school/work performance, and healthy social skills. By focusing on each individual student's goals and interests, Forbes Music will go the extra mile to make sure your music education experience is not only positive and rewarding, but the best you'll find anywhere. Music is a beautiful language, and we can certainly help you learn to speak!

Beginners, Kids, & Adults Are Welcome, Too!

Piano is a cornerstone of both traditional, classical music and popular, contemporary music. It's often the first instrument for many of us, and where our musical concepts coalesce into a focused understanding of music. Private piano lessons for kids are a great way to start the musical journey and it's never too late to get started with private lessons as an adult. Don't have a piano? No problem, using a keyboard for lessons is a perfect substitute in the meantime. Read our blog post about picking the right keyboard to take lessons.

With fun, enthusiastic, and inspiring teachers, discover the rich and rewarding experience of piano and keyboard lessons for beginners or advanced pianists. Study classical, jazz, rock, blues, pop and contemporary piano. Our piano teachers have a wide scope of traditional and contemporary repertoire to draw from, so anyone can learn to play like Billy Joel, Elton John, Harry Connick, Alicia Keys, and Herbie Hancock!

When you choose Forbes Music, you'll enjoy the advantage and convenience of in-home private piano lessons at your own pace and tailored specifically to you. It's your music, on your schedule, with the best teachers!

Beginners, Kids, & Adults Are Welcome, Too!

Getting started with piano lessons might feel like an enormous challenge, but we can make the experience an easy and rewarding one. As a beginner, you need an experienced piano teacher who will take the time to listen and have the patience to guide you every step of the way. Staying motivated should never be a problem with the right teacher, and maintaining progress while tackling technique and repertoire in your lessons is something we’ve mastered.

Private lessons are a great way to develop skills as a child or enhance your skills as an adult. Music makes you smarter and promotes cognitive development, so rest assured piano lessons for kids are a sound investment regardless the circumstances. Music has also proven to delay cognitive decline and has a positive impact on working memory capacity and processing speed. We work with adults of all ages, and you’re never too old to try something you or rekindle your passion for music!

Forbes Music has Right Music Teacher in Westchester

If you are ready to start making music, selecting a piano teacher is the most important decision you will make. Forbes Music makes that decision easy with the best network of highly qualified, experienced, and talented music teachers in Westchester, NY. Forbes Music teachers are dedicated to providing you with the best music education possible, at your own pace, and personalized to your goals and interests.

Whether it’s learning how to play, rekindling your passion for it, or take your performance to new heights, Forbes Music can match you with the right piano teacher for the best private piano lessons experience. Now, finding the right teacher in Westchester, NY has never been easier.

Forbes Music is your link to the best piano teachers in Westchester, NY. Forbes Music teachers are rigorously screened, highly qualified, and student-driven. It’s part of what separates us. Our music teachers can assess each student’s individual needs and interests, then develop a personalized piano lessons program to help you achieve your musical objectives by setting realistic goals, so you develop a sense of confidence and mastery at each step along your musical journey.