Are There Recitals or Other Performance Opportunities?

There is nothing more satisfying than the joy that radiates from a child after a job well done. Because we love seeing those smiles Forbes Music Company organizes recitals twice a year and we highly recommend participating. We do provide a beautiful grand piano, PA system, microphones and guitar amps but be sure to bring your own guitar, violin, saxophone or other portable instrument. Students typically dress up for the occasion, but the event is low pressure so get ready to have fun!

Don’t forget, there are many performance opportunities in your local communities as well. There are often school and community talent shows, inquire your place of worship, or consider reaching out to area nursing homes or assisted living centers (the residents always love entertainment). Let your teacher know if you have a performance coming up and they will be sure to help prepare your piece(s).


Many of our teachers belong to organizations such as the National Association of Teachers of Singing, the National Guild of Piano Teachers or the Music Teachers National Association which distribute audition and registration information for various competitions, festivals or other musical events. So, be sure to ask your teacher about additional opportunities as well. 

Why is performing important? Here are 4 BIG reasons to sign up for the next recital:

  1. Having and goal and a deadline encourages consistent practice habits and teaches students to manage their time effectively.
  2. Performing gives students a sense of accomplishment and the opportunity to feel proud! Practicing at home can get lonely. Being a part of the show allows your child to share their gift of music with the world and receive thunderous applause and increased confidence.
  3. Attendance of friends and family show support and encouragement for your budding musician. Make sure they know you are behind them 100%.
  4. Recitals (and other performances big or small) give us the opportunity to feel nervous! Being able to manage your fear and other emotions is important for their future: Guiding our students to overcome that feeling and turning it into a successful experience is so rewarding for everyone involved!

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