Become a teacher

At Forbes Music Company, we’re a family of musicians, teachers, and staff, all geared towards one goal: making a difference!

Join our elite group of teachers and...

- Set your own schedule
- Teach private and group lessons
- See what our teachers have to say

Our teachers have the opportunity to...

- Set their own curriculum
- Build lasting relationships with their students
- Receive bonuses with our referral program

We're cutting edge with...

- Awesome client and teacher apps
- Knowledge bases for quick reference
- Feedback loops for improved performance

We Go Beyond The Notes

We specialize in bringing fun and qualified teachers into the homes of our clients. Parents and students love the convenience of lessons in the comfort of their own home and teachers enjoy a change of pace, the warm welcome of their students’ families, and the opportunity for growth.

We’re a concierge for music teachers and our goal is continued development and success of every member of our community. Forbes Music features a collaborative Professional Learning Community to share expertise, strengthen teaching skills and improve the performance of students. We implements a suite of proprietary technologies and apps that improve rapid communication with staff, and enable teachers’ effective and efficient management of their own teaching practice. We make your life better! It’s just another way we separate ourselves from the rest!