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Do you and your family do enough to learn about the world…?

My name is Jay Sand and I’m dad of three very active girls (now 10, 7 and 5). Eons ago, in my life before the family  (I’m told it existed. Photographic evidence is convincing) — I was also very active, a world traveler, the kind who would hop on a plane (or train, or boat, or, depending on where I was in the world, a donkey/elephant/camel) on a moment’s notice and disappear into some distant part of the globe for as many months as I could. Sometimes I was “working” — doing research for a freelance article or some convoluted project — but mainly I was just exploring, always wanting to know what excitement would greet me down the road, around the bend or in the next town. The tools of my trade? A backpack, a camera, a guitar. Insufficient elementary school Spanish. Inept elementary school French. A smile. Every so often, luck.

Out in the world like that I was so glad to know how to sing a few songs. I made many friends with my guitar. Everywhere I went people whose spoken language befuddled me would hear me singing and, in whatever English they could muster, implore me to, “Play American music! Play the Beatles! Bob Marley!” (I know, I know. I didn’t correct them).  After singing to my new friends for a while, ultimately I’d encourage them to sing songs that were important to them. Very quickly we would transition from singing to each other to singing with each other […]