FMC’s FAQs – Cancellations and Make Up Lessons

There are so many questions to ask when you are seeking music lessons and we’ve compiled a few to help guide you. Today, we talk about cancellations and make up lessons.

Cancellations and Make Up Lessons

Here is a summary of a few key points. Please view the terms and conditions for full details.

Teacher Cancellation of Lessons:

All lessons cancelled by the teacher will be made up at the student’s convenience.




Inclement Weather/Hazardous Driving Conditions:

Lessons will be made up at a mutually agreed upon time by teacher and student.

Student Cancellation of Lessons:

In order for a lesson to be eligible to made up, it must be cancelled through the office (by email or phone call) by 5:00pm the preceding day. The amount of lessons (cancelled by a student) that are eligible for a make up is dependent on the pricing plan option you have chosen!

  • Monthly Plan- Only 1 make up lesson due to student cancellation per month.
  • Semester Plan- Only 2 make up lessons due to student cancellation per semester.

Your teacher has little authority as to how lessons are credited. Unfortunately, lessons that are canceled by students after 5:00pm the preceding day are forfeited. We handle cancellations due to illness and emergencies just like any last minute issue that can come up. Just as you don’t have any control over emergency situations, neither do our teachers, and they would be left bearing the burden for what could be any number of things.

Many teachers rely on their teaching as their primary source of income, and students reserve this limited time so no one else can take it. Your lesson time is a scheduled reservation and our teachers are highly respected professionals at their craft. Like many professional services from medical to culinary, arts to health and beauty, we require sufficient cancellation notice before reschedule eligibility is considered. Without sufficient time to fill a canceled spot the teacher would be left bearing the burden of what could be any number of things like illnesses, play dates, meetings, sports activities, etc.

It’s difficult to manage a balance between being flexible and also ensuring livelihood. Without notice before 5pm, neither Forbes Music nor teachers have the ability to fill said time and the teachers would be left to bear this unfortunate burden for loss of work.


Ways to Make Up Lessons:

We have 3 options to make up eligible lessons.

  1. Standard reschedule- the lesson is rescheduled to a different time and day and completed in full.
  2. Incremental Make Up- Increments of time are added to subsequent lessons until the full amount of the lesson time is made up.
  3. “Roll Over”- the lesson is “rolled over” into the subsequent month (or after the semester is over) or billing period and replaces what would be a newly scheduled lesson at the regular lesson day/time.

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