How long will it take my child to learn an instrument?

The basics of any instrument can be learned fairly quickly, but learning to play an instrument well provides joy for a lifetime!

Help your child enjoy the process.

Learning a new instrument is a wonderful adventure, but there is no one size fits all answer. Some children will pick up musical concepts faster than others, and that’s okay. Everyone learns and grows at their own pace.

Have patience.

Don’t get frustrated if correct technique seems unattainable or a theory concept confusing! Help your child set small achievable goals, and celebrate each one as they cross them off the list.

Remember:  How quickly your child grasps musical concepts typically depends on how much work they put into their studies outside of lessons. Allow practice sessions to be fun and creative instead of a chore!

Learning music is a life long journey!

Even famous soloists still have yearly “check up” lessons with a teacher to brush up their technique and make sure they are in top playing form. So if some goals seem impossible to achieve, remember to look at how far you’ve already come! 

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