Is My Child Ready For Lessons?

Music classes are valuable to childhood development at any age! But one on one lessons can be challenging for beginning students. Here are some things to think about before scheduling lessons for your child. 

Focus is key.

The ability to focus on one specific task for 15-20 minutes, especially a task assigned by an adult, generally shows a readiness for lessons. Teachers also expect a certain level of discipline and ambition from their students. Children who have expressed an interest in a certain instrument or who love to sing and make up songs, may be ready for personalized instruction.

Consider:  Who wants the lessons? Kids asking for lessons will generally have more motivation to continue.

Group class options.

For some children, the teacher/student relationship is a new idea. Kids who have just started school may need extra time to adapt to structured learning. Joining a group music class is a great way to learn music and classroom social skills together.

Get involved in music together!

An easy way to spark an interest for lessons in your child is by exploring music together. Visit your local music shop to browse instruments or attend a concert by a local ensemble. Many times, simple exposure to various music genres and instruments will ignite an interest for lessons.

Ultimately, the decision to begin lessons rests with you and your child.


Quick Tip:  At Forbes Music Company, you can schedule individual lessons! This way, you and your child can see if private lessons are the best fit without making a big commitment.