Should I purchase or rent an instrument?

The decision to rent or own can depend on the age and experience level of your child, or how accessible instruments are in your area. Your child’s music teacher can provide great advice on where in your area to rent/purchase an instrument.

When to rent.

Renting can be a great choice for young children or beginners. Renting allows your child to explore the instrument without you feeling the financial commitment of purchasing outright. Additionally, renting is a good option if your child is playing an instrument that comes in various sizes based on the age of the child.

Consider:  Many schools have a stock of instruments for students to rent at a reduced rate.

When to buy.

Buying is recommended for students who have decided on an instrument and plan to continue regular study. Purchasing the instrument at this point will usually save on fees in the long run and you have the option of selling the instrument later on. Buying an instrument can also encourage a sense of responsibility and ownership in your child. 


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