What instrument should my child learn?

There are so many wonderful instruments to chose from that it can be difficult to know where to start. The best instrument is the one your child personally enjoys the most.

Explore a few options.

Visit your local music shop! Here you can see, listen to, and hold a variety of instruments. Many music shops will demonstrate how an instrument works, and are happy to help set up new musicians with the perfect fit. 

Check out what’s offered at your child’s school.

Many schools include instrument demonstrations during music classes. Most schools have access to recorders, ukuleles, percussion instruments like drums and xylophones, or a piano. Additionally, most schools have large ensembles, like orchestra or band, where your child will have the opportunity to try out more advanced instruments without having to make a commitment right away. 

Still not sure?

Beginning music study on the piano, guitar, or violin is a great way to learn music fundamentals and will allow for an easier transition into different instruments in the future. Or consider voice lessons! Voice lessons combine singing technique with music theory, ear training, collaboration, and performance skills. 

Quick Tip:  Wondering if your child is ready for music lessons? Click here for more information!