Are there performance opportunities?

Yes! We at FMC love giving our students the opportunity to show an audience all that they have accomplished.

Value of performance.

Learning how to perform music in front of a crowd benefits students in more ways than one. Performing builds:

  • Confidence when all eyes are on you.
  • Stage presence and how to remain calm and collected.
  • Flexibility and how to think on your feet if something goes unexpectedly.
  • Collaboration with other artists or peers.
  • Communication skills.
  • Pride knowing that you prepared well and gave a great show!

FMC Recitals

We love watching and hearing our students perform! We have two recitals planned for the Spring Semester.

  • Washington, DC Metro: Saturday, June 2, 2018.
  • New York Area: Sunday, June 3, 2018.
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