Can I sit in on the lesson?

Parental participation in lessons is dependent on the needs and goals of the student.

Nurture independence.

It is important for children to learn how to be independent and stay focused on their own without parental involvement. Some children may need some additional support during lessons to stay focused or feel comfortable. This can be especially true for beginners. In this case, your teacher might ask you to stay for the first few minutes of the lesson.

Different teaching methods.

Certain teaching methods, like Suzuki, include parental participation. While the student is still the main focus of the lesson, parents are encouraged to watch and listen. 

How to participate outside of the lesson.

Exploring and enjoying music as a family is a great way to motivate your child to stay engaged in their music practice.

  • Ask your child, if they feel comfortable, to show you what they learned in their lesson each week.
  • Check in with your teacher about your child’s progress. Your teacher will be happy to share lesson successes!
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