How often does my child need to practice?

Weekly practice is essential to progressing as a musician. But not all practice routines are alike. Create a schedule that works best for you and your child to increase motivation and have fun!

Consider:  A good rule of thumb is five minutes per day is generally more effective than an hour once a week. 

Little & Lots

This method of small but frequent bursts of practice tends to work best for students who might have trouble sitting still or focusing for long stretches of time. It is an easy way to incorporate short sections of musical focus into your every day. 

Bulk Practice

Some students may find that scheduling regular hour+ sessions into their weeks is the easiest way to keep consistent practice habits. If you do practice for long periods of time, remember to give your self short breaks to stretch. Allowing your mind a few minutes of rest to process everything you worked on, can help increase memory retention and keep you from burning out.
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