What is the difference between group and private lessons? Which one is better for my child?

Group or one on one lessons can both serve beneficial purposes for musicians of all levels!

Group Lessons

Lessons are taught to 3-10 students of the same age and skill level. All students study the same instrument and usually have one teacher present. These lessons are a great way to introduce a child to a new instrument and build social and classroom skills. 

  • Warm ups and tuning will happen together at the beginning, or students may be expected to come ready to play.
  • The teacher will demonstrate or review concepts with all students.
  • Students will play material all together or one at a time with the others listening and watching.
  • The aim of group lessons is collaboration so students can learn from one another.

Private lessons

These lessons are taught one on one in a student’s home. Children who progress faster at their instrument tend to do better in private lesson environments where the teacher can tailor each lesson for the student’s specific needs. 

  • Lessons begin with warm ups and/or tuning. Older students may be expected to arrive ready to play or sing.
  • The lesson will then consist of a mix of,
    • technique demonstrations from the teacher and replication from the student,
    • rehearsing previously assigned repertoire,
    • discussions of theory or style.
  • Lessons usually end with a recap of what was worked on and the formation of a practice plan for the next week.
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