Contacting a new student before their first lesson

It is imperative that you speak with your student, or student’s parent, before your first lesson. This phone call is your first chance to make a great impression and ease any anxiety about starting lessons.

Before the phone call:

  • Once you have answered a Student Inquiry task on the App and been assigned the student, you will need to confirm the New Student Information.
  • You will then receive the specific details for your student, including their phone number.

During the phone call:

  • Introduce yourself! Make sure to give your new student your phone number and/or email address.
  • Confirm first lesson date, time, length, and location.
  • If your student is under 18, make sure to confirm that an adult will be on the premises during your lesson.
  • Discuss any logistics such as parking, road closures/construction, anything that you need to know about getting to your student’s home.
  • Ask if your student or their parents have any questions or concerns about the first lesson.

If your student does not answer:

  • Leave a voicemail introducing yourself, stating information about the first lesson, and a callback number.
  • It is acceptable to email your student or their parents, after you have attempted to speak with them on the phone. Make sure you include all relevant lesson information in your email, along with any questions you have.

After the phone call:

Confirm Contact with Student on the App. Tap here for more information.

Remember: It is important to make this phone call as soon as you can after accepting the New Student. Do not wait until the night before. Additionally, if a few weeks pass before the first lesson, call or email a few days in advance of the lesson to remind your student that the lesson is still happening and you are excited to meet them.