Recommending Books and Materials to Clients

The most important part of a lesson is always the work being done between the teacher and student; but incorporating lesson books and sheet music into lessons is often not only expected, but appreciated by parents and students alike! Here’s how to recommend books and other materials to clients.

Let the office know your suggestions!


  • Want your student to begin the Faber Piano Adventures? Great! Send the FMC office a quick email, or give us a call with your recommendation. We’re familiar with a lot of the most popular method books on the market. If your suggestion is a bit out of the mainstream or your student needs a specific edition, a link to the Amazon or other web shop is always appreciated.


We’ll reach out to your students for you.


  • We’ll email your book suggestions directly to your students. Families can chose to purchase the books themselves from the links we provide, or the office will purchase the books, mail them directly to the student, and send an invoice for the cost.
  • While we can’t force anyone to purchase a book, students almost always respond positively to the assistance we provide in purchasing the needed books. 

We do not recommend purchasing materials for your students and anticipating a reimbursement.

For more information about talking to parents, click here.