Company History

Forbes Music Company, established over a decade ago in New York, now spans five states and calls both coasts home!

About us.

Forbes Music Company was started over 15 years ago on the East Coast. The company has steadily grown to include parts of New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington DC Metro.

In 2017, FMC expanded to California encompassing Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. We are proud to be a vibrant and premier national music education service.  

What we do.

As educators, in the complete sense of the word, Forbes Music teachers strive to provide a music education program that helps each student develop their own unique musical talent. We promote improved self-confidence, academic and professional skills, healthy social skills, and overall happiness.

How we achieve it.

We’re a concierge service for music teachers. Our goal is continued development and success of every member of our community. Forbes Music features a collaborative Professional Learning Community to share expertise, strengthen teaching skills and improve the performance of students. We implement a suite of proprietary technologies and apps that improve rapid communication with staff, and enable teachers’ effective and efficient management of their own teaching practice.

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