How to respond to a Student Inquiry

The FMC App is your new best friend. This is where you will be alerted to potential students and have the chance to accept or decline. 

How to respond to an SI:

  • The information listed on a SI is limited to a basic description, location, gender, and ideal lesson days and times. Once you’ve accepted and have been paired with the student, you will receive more details like their name, address, parents’ contact info., etc.
    • Complete the task on the app as soon as possible! Often times, SIs will be sent to multiple teachers fitting the needs of the potential student. Replying with your suggested lesson days and times as soon as possible, allows the office to respond to the new student with lesson offers faster and match them with you. For a step by step guide about how to respond to a SI on the App, tap here.
  • It is okay to turn down a SI. As a contractor, you have the right to decline any and all work FMC sends to you. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by your studio load or are not interested in this particular new student, you can say No. Part of what makes working at FMC awesome is the ability to decide your own schedule.

Reminders about accepting new students.

  • Teachers need to commit the same specific day or days of the week, each week, to teach their students. Many of our students are on monthly or semesterly plans and they are reserving the same day at the same time each week.
  • Forbes Music teachers must clearly represent their schedule, location availability, and specific preferences, so that teachers are only passed along students that fit those parameters within which they choose to work.
  • When a teacher accepts a student that indicates a willingness to include that student into their current student base. If something changes after you have completed a SI, please let the office know as soon as possible before contacting the new student.

If you have any questions about a potential new student, it is critical to ask BEFORE accepting or being matched with a student. If something occurs after you have accepted the new student and you can no longer teach them, you must communicate this before reaching out to the student.

For more information about how we match teachers and students, click here.