Lesson Plans and Payments

Students can schedule lessons three different ways. Our most popular plans are Monthly and Semester. These work best for children or adults with consistent schedules. Adults with hectic or unpredictable schedules will usually opt for our Ad Hoc plan which allows them flexibility without a long term commitment. Ad Hoc is also useful for accommodating schedules during the summer months.

Monthly Plans

Students that schedule lessons monthly will be billed in advance of each month for scheduled lessons. It is not required for students to schedule a lesson each week. The office will reach out to the clients at the end of each month to confirm dates scheduled for the following month.

Semesterly Plans

On the Semester Plan, lessons are scheduled once a week, excluding Federal Holidays and the FMC winter Break. Should a student sign up after the semester has begun, Forbes Music Company will prorate their semester plan to exclude the weeks missed.

Ad Hoc Lessons

These lessons are essentially ‘a la carte’. This means the student’s lesson day/time is not reserved for them and they will reach out either to the teacher or the office to schedule their next upcoming lessons, whenever that might be. We do not encourage scheduling ad-hoc students during peak lesson hours.

First lessons

When acquiring a new student, a teacher will traditionally teach one lesson before any series of lessons is agreed upon. On occasion, a student may choose to initially sign up for a series or package of lessons, in which case the teacher will be notified prior to the first lesson. After the student’s first lesson, Forbes Music Company will reconnect with the student to follow up and determine whether the student wishes to continue on a monthly, semester, or ad-hoc scheduling plan. The FMC admin will schedule that student based on the teacher availability provided.


All payments are required in advance, before any first lesson or subsequent lessons. This ensures that teachers are paid for the work they do. Teachers do not accept payments from students. Some clients may give teachers small gifts or tokens of gratitude around holidays or at the end of a semester. These are okay to accept. If your students have any questions about lesson plans or payments, instruct them to contact the FMC office and we will address their needs.

Check out more information about cancellations and reschedules.