Our Teacher and Student Match Philosophy

We try our utmost to pair students with teachers who we think will best serve their needs. We consider many factors when matching teachers and students, so it is very important to be as specific about when and what you are comfortable teaching.  

Teachers will be matched with students based on criteria including but not limited to,

  • Schedule availability, age, stylistic interests, ability or experience level, location, special needs, and special requests by prospective student(s).
  • Referrals are the most flattering compliment a teacher can receive and Forbes Music will always reach out first to any specified or requested teacher before offering a referred student to other teachers.

If you have any concerns about a certain match, always feel free to reach out to our office and talk to us about the situation. Clients ultimately choose who they invite into their home based upon their own judgements.

So, what happens next? Click here to find out more about student inquiries.