Lesson Lengths

Finding the balance between having enough time for a detailed lesson and not so much time the student loses focus, is very important in maintaining happy and motivated students.

Lesson time basics.

30 minutes is the minimum amount of time a lesson may be scheduled. We can extend lesson lengths by increments of 15 minutes. There is no maximum amount of time, but generally two hours is the longest scheduled lesson. Our 45 minute lesson is the most popular lesson length.

30 minute lessons: Pros and Cons


  • Generally, 30 minute lessons are good for young children who have trouble sitting still or focusing for long periods of time.
  • Shorter lessons can be a great option for students who are ready to start but a teacher’s availability can’t fit a longer lesson.


  • 30 minutes goes by quick! By the time you’ve set up and warmed up, there’s not much time left for instruction.

45+ minute lessons: Pros and Cons


  • Longer lessons can allow for more in depth teaching and exploration of repertoire.
  • Older students and adults typically do well with longer lessons.


  • Longer lessons can be more taxing for both students and their teachers. More mental and physical focus is needed, so structuring extended lessons to include short breaks is helpful.

Adding Time and/or Siblings

We’re always happy to add more time to lessons, or add additional lesson dates entirely! Siblings and other family members are more than welcome to add on lessons as well.

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