Siblings and Back to Back Lessons

We offer discounts for families or friends scheduling lessons one after another. Get the whole crew in on the music! 

Many families have multiple children who are interested in taking lessons. We offer back-to-back discounts for siblings or family members who take lessons with the same teacher on the same day, one after the other. The discount varies based on the total time scheduled.

How Back to Back Lessons Work.

  • For example, if Child A wants a lesson for 30 minutes and Child B wants a 60 minute lesson, both with the same teacher, on the same day, one following the other, we will combine the time into 90 minutes and price the lesson accordingly.
  • This does happen fairly regularly, so always make sure you’re reading Student Inquiries fully to make sure you know how many siblings/family members will be studying on that day.

Cancelling and Rescheduling Back to Back lessons.

  • If a student who participates in back to back lessons needs to cancel their lesson, we have two options:
    • All of the lessons for that family must be cancelled for the day – OR –
    • The remaining students can split the time of the student who cancelled.

We cannot cancel and then reschedule only one of a back to back lesson group.

Please note: We cannot cancel and then reschedule only one lesson of a back to back lesson group. Click here for more information about our cancellation policy.