Preparing Your First Lesson

First lessons with new students can be nerve-wracking and overwhelming — but they don’t have to be! Here you will find a checklist of what to do in the week(s) before the lesson and what to bring on that first day.

Before the lesson date…

  • Contact your student to confirm the lesson time and day. You will do this through the app. To find out how, check out this page.
  • This confirmation call is an important step in making a great first impression. Introduce yourself and let the family know you’re excited to meet your student. You’ll also want to discuss any logistics such as travel specifics, parking, and what adult will be on location if your student is under 18. You can find more information about the confirmation call here.
  • Ask about your new student’s goals and expectations for taking lessons. This can help you prepare what genre or level of difficulty sheet music to bring along.

What to bring:

Arriving with resources will establish you as a confident and experienced teacher.

  • A notebook, journal, or tablet to take notes.
  • Pencil and/or pen.
  • Your instrument — obvious, yes, but important, even for a first lesson.
  • Easily sight-readable sheet music — something simple that you and your student could work through together.
  • Filled water bottle.
  • Charged phone.
So what happens next?  Click here for more information about what to do during your first lesson.