Cancellation Policy

Sometimes students may be unavailable during their scheduled lesson time. Additionally, there may be an occasion when a teacher may be unavailable for a scheduled lesson, or inclement weather may prevent a teacher from driving to a scheduled lesson. All student cancellations or scheduling changes must go through the Forbes Music Office.

If the student cancels:

  • Students are instructed to notify the FMC Office as soon as possible if they know they will have to miss or cancel a lesson. It is considered sufficient advanced notice if a student cancels a lesson by 5pm the day before the scheduled lesson. It is considering insufficient notice if a student cancels a lesson the same day or after the 5pm the day prior cut off. 
  • Additionally, students only telling their teacher they have to cancel and not the office is considered insufficient notice.
  • Student no-shows or students who miss a significant amount of a lesson will forfeit the lesson time.
  • Please make sure your students understand to contact the office before cancelling a lesson. You can help your students by dropping the office a quick email or phone call if you think your student may need to cancel. We can always reach out to the student to inquiry about a possible cancellation. 

If you (the teacher) cancel:

  • While we understand that life happens and things like car trouble, illness, or other emergencies will occasionally pop up, please make it a top priority to attend every lesson you are scheduled to teach. If you have to miss a lesson, let your student and the office know as soon as possible.

Inclement weather cancellations:

  • Students or teachers may cancel lessons due to safety concerns regarding weather, power outages, or other inclement circumstances. These cancellations may occur the day of the lesson.
  • Remember: The office must be notified of all cancellations.  


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