How to handle social media communication with students

Social media can be a great way to stay connected to your students! But keep in mind your audience when sharing personal information.

General FMC Social Media Guidelines.

  • You are a representative of the company. If you identify yourself as an FMC teacher on social media, any professionalism guidelines dictated in your contract apply.  
  • Take time to consider what you are posting or reposting. Consider updating your sharing settings to make sure the audience you want to reach are the only ones who can see your posts. 
  • Refrain from promoting or posting graphic content. 
  • Use your best judgement, but remember, perception matters.

Social media use with students under 18.

  • Don’t friend or follow your students who are minors.
  • Consider setting your account(s) to private.
  • Never post names, photos or videos of students (especially minors) to your social account without specific written permission from the student and/or their parent.

Social media with adult students.

  • Use your best judgement when friending or following your adult students. Again, you are a representative of the company and should adhere to the professional guidelines specified in the contract.

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