Why there are lessons scheduled on days requested off

You may be wondering why, even after you’ve submitted your monthly availability, you have lessons scheduled for days you’ve requested off. These lessons are most likely semester lessons.

Semester lessons are scheduled once a week up front.

  • As part of the semester plan, lessons are scheduled once a week from whenever the student begins the semester until the last week. The only dates omitted are for federal holidays. So if you request off a normal teaching day that has a semester student on it, that student will still be scheduled for a lesson regardless.
  • Semester lessons cancelled by a teacher are eligible, like any other lesson, to be rescheduled. Even if the lesson was on a day you requested off as part of your monthly availability.

So what about monthly and ad hoc lessons?

  • Monthly lessons are omitted on days you have requested off. We ask for your monthly availability for the upcoming month by the 20th of the preceding month so that we can preemptively skip any lessons you know you’ll miss. We offer this same omission for students who may be unavailable for one of their normal lessons during the month.
  • Ad Hoc students are only scheduled on days and times where we have confirmed your availability. They do not have a weekly reserved day and time.

Check out our full cancellation and reschedule policies!