5 Reasons to Consider the Ukulele by FMC teacher Mark K.

Choosing an instrument can seem overwhelming.  With a plethora of exciting options the ukulele is often overlooked.  Below are five reasons why the 4-stringed instrument deserves closer consideration.

5 Reasons to Consider the Ukulele for Your Kids or Yourself!

1. The Size

The uke’s light weight and slight stature mean comfort and accessibility for students with smaller hands.  If holding and handling the instrument is a lesser challenge students can devote more energy to their musical development. The ukulele is also highly portable. It’s a great instrument to take on camping trips. Bring it along to your neighbor’s next backyard bonfire!

2. The Strings

Ukulele strings are light gauged (thin) and made of nylon; the same material classical guitar strings are made of.  These factors make the ukulele friendlier to smaller fingers and fingers without calluses.

3. The Study

Compared to its competition, the ukulele may appear to be more novelty than area of study.  However, the essential elements of early music education, tempo, dynamics, music vocabulary and notation, and reading music, can all be achieved through ukulele lessons.

4. The Safe Investment

When selecting an instrument one point of consideration is the financial investment, especially as a parent.  A brand new starter ukulele can often be found for less than fifty dollars, easing most concerns.

5. The Springboard

As mentioned before, ukulele size and strings make it accessible to young musicians.  This can make the ukulele an excellent gateway to other stringed instruments such as the guitar, bass, mandolin, and banjo!  This is not meant to discount the ukulele as a stand-alone instrument, but to demonstrate the exciting possibilities associated with it!

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Courtesy of Mark K. – Mark is an instructor and performer in the Washington D.C metro area with experience in many diverse styles including jazz, classical and pop music. As a graduate from Shenandoah Conservatory, he studied music pedagogy, theory, history and technology. Also ask Mark about his unique experiences performing in the Sahara desert – it will be sure to inspire and give insight into the passion he brings to every lesson.

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