Online Group Classes vs. Private Lessons

Group classes or private lessons? When learning any artistic craft, working one-on-one with a teacher holds a certain romanticism. Years of knowledge passed from teacher to student in a veritably never ending cycle. It’s kind of poetic, isn’t it? 

Though the individual attention provided by a traditional mentorship may be wonderfully bohemian, you might prefer a different and more flexible approach to your music education. Here at Forbes Music Company, we understand the value of a varied music education experience, which is why we are introducing Online Group Classes!

Here are a few interesting ways that Online Group Classes differ from private lessons:

Welcome to Your Masterclass

Have you ever wanted to master slide guitar technique? Or learn how to easily play the songs on your Spotify playlist? 

While private instruction takes a holistic approach to learning your instrument, Online Group Classes offer something more akin to a workshop or masterclass. Online Group Classes are a great way to connect live with a music teacher, explore a cornucopia of fun, interesting topics, and enjoy the social nature of music and learning in a constructive class environment. 

We’ve Got You Covered

Each Online Group Class may use a variety of materials and learning aids as part of the curriculum. Sheet music, blank staff paper, audio examples and video examples may be shared with students during the class time and emailed to students after the class is over. 

It is not required for students to prepare their own materials in advance of attending a class. Teachers will have all the required materials prepared, and will share them once the class begins. No need to buy your own books, unless you really want to.

Guitar lesson with notepad

Not All of the Focus Is on You

The beauty of online classes is that the teacher’s focus isn’t specifically on you as an individual. You will by interacting with many individuals, all of them seeking to further their own knowledge and skills. 

Students will often find themselves at different places along the learning curve, and may require different teaching methods in order to find success. We ask that clients be patient and respectful of all students, and understanding of teachers as they work to provide a quality experience for each and every class attendee. 

Check Out A Class

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