Technology To Help You Learn And Grow

Education technology (EdTech) has been a rapidly growing industry, with so many startups and software companies building valuable resources to help us learn. From skill-based learning to traditional subjects, technology enhancements have supported new trends in teaching and enabled teachers to deliver better results. Music learning and teaching is no exception, and Forbes Music has taken advantage of developments in the software world to help students learn more and grow!

Account Access

Information accessibility has long been a frustration for students working with private instructors or lesson tutoring services. For those taking private lessons and tutoring, access to account information, profile details, lesson history, and files are an important way for clients to understand the return on investment. Clients want to evaluate progress and learning trajectory within the context of their lesson history. Forbes Music makes this easy with an account portal that delivers access to calendars, profiles, lesson history and data, shared files, and opt-in notifications for important reminders. 


We all want to look back and see the development we’ve made over time. While our brand promise is to deliver “life’s greatest lessons”, building confidence and promoting happiness through music will inevitably yield progress over the course of lessons. Our Repertoire Tracker and Performance capture does just that! See songs, pieces, topics, themes, and techniques covered, along with details about each, feedback from the teacher, and status updates on how you’re doing. 

Forbes Music also uses opt-in notifications and periodic lesson feedback emails, so students and parents can be updated on how the lessons are going. Understand the achievement made each week, the challenges you or the student is facing, obstacles overcome, and any deportment issues. This is a great way to celebrate all the wonderful goals accomplished. 

Pressing keys on Piano to get started

Lesson Content

It goes without saying that a big reason for learning development is lesson content. There are countless apps and gimmicks available to the public claiming quick results with little to no effort. While it’s true that many of these apps have some value, nothing can replace an actual teacher. And despite the promise of a quick fix, it will take some time to master any art form. 

Forbes Music has found ways to ensure teachers are always prepared with best practices and resources to make lessons as successful as possible. From file sharing within client accounts to exclusive resources for teachers to take advantage of, there is no shortage of content and teaching strategies available for Forbes Music instructors. 


One of the best ways for students to stay on track is to receive constant feedback from teachers. Parents interested in their children’s progress can make better decisions about the quality of education and trajectory of learning if regular feedback is given. 

Staying up to date on achievements and progress is a wonderful way to understand the benefits being realized, but helpful tips and reminders for practicing between lessons may prove an invaluable tool for perpetual growth. With Shared Lesson Notes, Forbes teachers can share thoughts and feedback on lessons. With performance capture, teachers can offer suggestions and thoughts without even being in the lesson!

Onward and Upward!

Working with an organization that employs the use of technology to help students learn is a tremendous benefit. From account access and optimized lesson content, to perpetual progress and constant feedback, these tools are a valuable asset and will help all clients take that next step in their music education journey. 

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