How To Find The Right Music Teacher For You

Finding the right music teacher is the key to building a long term, positive relationship with music. And finding that best fit doesn’t have to be a challenge. Good music teachers don’t necessarily all teach the same way with the same methodologies, but all have important characteristics that help them connect with their students and effectively communicate in a way that resonates.

A general frustration from students and education organizations is that there is no barrier to entry in the field of teaching private music lessons. As a result, it’s the responsibility of the client to do their due diligence in order to make sure they’re working with a music teacher who knows what they’re doing. What happens if a client doesn’t have the skills or the knowledge to make those kinds of assessments?

The importance of the right music teacher should not be understated. But knowing how to find the right music teacher is often where many fall short. From education and experience to communication skills and core competencies, it can be hard to know who is going to connect best with you or your child. Working with an organization like Forbes Music Company can ensure a great fit and all the boxes checked!

What makes a good music teacher?

Great music teachers have qualities that go well beyond credentials. Great music teachers are ones who can inspire, motivate, connect, and have a genuine care for their students. While education and experience are really important characteristics of great music teachers, those that find the most success with their students find ways to help nurture their students’ love and interest in music on a deeper level.

Forbes Music Company often writes about the Five C’s of what to look for in a great music teacher – Communication, Consistency, Commitment, Competency, and Connection. Only one of those has anything to do with expertise on the instrument. The best teachers do not cancel lessons, are invested in the growth of their students and are committed to helping them achieve goals, communicate effectively for their audience, and work to connect with their students on a personal level. Some of the other key traits to look for in a great teaching experience are:

1. Tailoring Lessons

A hallmark of great music teachers is their ability to tailor lessons to the individual student’s wants, needs, and interests. Music learning is a personal, winding path, and each student will gravitate to their own styles. Lessons should follow suit, which will ultimately motivate students more and lead students to a place of very comfortable expression.

2. Simplification

A great music teacher will be able to take complex topics and explain them in a simplified way that is easy to understand. Music theory can be complicated, but a great teacher will have ways to relate the concepts to their students so they can understand even the most difficult ideas.

3. Organized

Any student who has been in a lesson with a teacher who was disorganized probably felt like there was no direction and began to doubt the skills of their teacher. Organization will help teachers find important learning examples, exercises, books, materials, and teaching aids, which will, in turn, help explain things clearly, cogently, and efficiently so students don’t get off track.

4. Approachable

If a student isn’t able to approach their teacher with questions, concerns, or thoughts, the learning process can often become stymied and students will ultimately feel lost and disinterested. Staying approachable can encourage the student to speak up when there are things they’re interested in learning or when they don’t understand important concepts.

5. Enjoyment

Making lessons fun, is a no-brainer. Bottom line, if you’re not having fun, it’s unlikely the endeavor will last very long. Lessons that are fun have a higher level of engagement, are better understood, and will result in far more practice than those that are boring.

6. Attitude

Positivity is infectious, and the more positive and happy the teachers are, the more their students will reflect the same attitude. Conveying an attitude of happiness, excitement, enthusiasm and positivity will give students the best experience and keep smiles on their faces throughout the lessons and beyond.

It goes without saying that a great music teacher will have expertise in a range of styles and genres of music. For example, the best piano teachers can cover styles that range from Baroque to Classical, Romantic, and 20th Century music, all the way through jazz, contemporary and pop music. The best guitar teachers are familiar with contemporary rock, blues, country, and pop styles, in addition to older classical, fingerstyle techniques.

A good music teacher wants their student to excel and recognizes that the lessons are more than just a transfer of knowledge. Music is therapy for so many, and lessons provide an environment where students can learn to express themselves creatively and therapeutically. Those teachers that understand that significance will often realize the greatest success.

Why is it important to find the right music teacher?

woman giving keyboard lessonsHaving the right teacher will unquestionably affect a student’s perception of music learning as a whole and their overall interest in the endeavor. The better the music teacher and student relationship, the more a student will enjoy what they’re learning and the more likely they will engage in it while the teacher is away. Students practice more and take more lessons with a teacher they believe in and have connected to.

When a student is with the wrong teacher, you’ll find frustration mounts, discouragement sets in, and ultimately unhappiness ensues. A teacher who is disconnected from their students or only interested in flawless execution of exercises will have a hard time seeing growth in their students, since music is so much more than technical execution. Discouragement will lead to avoidance of practice and an unhealthy distancing from the instrument altogether.

How do I find the right music teacher?

Finding the right music teacher does not have to be difficult. It’s important to either have goals in mind or be willing to follow guidance from experts or experienced teachers in the field. Both in-home and online music lessons can offer distinct advantages and disadvantages, but both are exceptional avenues to pursue when in search of lessons.

Understanding Needs

Calling local organizations like Forbes Music Company can be a great start to learn more about teacher qualifications and availability. The right organization can help understand your goals and find the best teachers to help you achieve them. Forbes Music works with families to find the best teacher to fulfill their needs with many options of some of the most popular and charismatic teachers.


Sometimes the right music teacher isn’t just the one with the highest profile, the most experience, or the deepest performance background. It’s possible that the best teacher fit may be able to accommodate your schedule and provide schedule plans to fit your calendar and budget.

Variety of Options

Forbes Music Company schedules lessons in 30min, 45min, 60min+ increments, or as long as you wish your lesson to be. In-home music lesson plans include an individual, monthly, or semester, and online music scheduling plans include packages and multiple subscription options as well. Since Forbes Music works with many talented teachers, it’s likely the perfect teacher with the perfect personality fit is available at the perfect time, all with a scheduling plan to conveniently fit your busy life and budget.

Whether in-home lessons or lessons online, great teachers have skills and tools to make the experience a fun, enjoyable, and productive one. Organizations like Forbes Music works with exceptional teachers committed to making music fun, all of whom are excited to be part of a lifelong journey of learning with you.

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