In-Home Music Lessons vs. Studio Music Lessons

There is an ongoing debate about which environment is better to conduct private music lessons. On one hand, in-home private music lessons offer the comfort and convenience of lessons in your home on your schedule, while studio music lessons offer a more rigid atmosphere without distraction. So which is best for you or your child? Great question, let’s dive in for more details.


Music Lessons In The Comfort Of Your Home

We all perform better when relaxed. Whether an easy or complicated piece, when you’re comfortable and relaxed, your execution improves substantially. Performance anxiety can make even the most talented performers wilt under pressure. In home music lessons offer the comfort of a safe environment without the anxiety of others listening.

Scheduling Music Lessons With Ease

Scheduling extra curricular activities can be a nightmare. It can be a hassle driving your kids from one place to the next or regularly taking off work for an activity. Traffic rarely cooperates, and you’re usually pulled in many directions. Having a music teacher travel to you for in-home lessons significantly eases your burden. It helps maintain greater consistency since you don’t have to worry about travel. Greater consistency leads to marked improvement, which in turn, leads to greater motivation.

Never Forget Your Music At Home

It’s not uncommon to go somewhere, only to have forgotten something you needed at home. Music lessons are a perfect example. You can imagine the number of times you may travel to a studio to realize you have forgotten your music, your folder, or some accessories at home. Why not eliminate that burden altogether? With in-home lessons, you will insulate yourself from ever forgetting the necessities at home. It comes with a caveat, you can’t misplace your music!


Studio Music Lessons Without Distractions

Enjoying lessons at a studio has its advantages. The phone won’t ring and the television will not be on. A perk of traveling to a studio for lessons will be freedom from some distractions you will find at home. A professional setting can enhance the focus and give you comfort that interruptions may be kept to a minimum. That said, you will find studio lessons often may have background noise that can be unsettling or distracting as well. All studios are different, so it’s worth some research to find a place that will mitigate these issues.

Music Accessories At Your Fingertips

During or after your lesson, you may find you wish to purchase some accessories. Lessons in a studio can provide the convenience of retail merchandise on site. So if you need a reed, mouthpiece, or guitar picks, chances are the studio can help- for a cost. Since all studios are not created equal, ask around to find which studios can provide this convenience.



The Real Winner Is You!

At the end of the day, you have choices. You can choose music lessons at home on your schedule, in your relaxed atmosphere. Or you can choose studio music lessons at a location away from your home, free from distractions. Either way, be sure to look for the 5 most important characteristics in a good teacher!



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