Key Tips for Success in Your Piano Lessons

So you’ve begun taking piano lessons, or are about to begin, and you may be asking yourself, “How can I get the most out of my piano lessons?” Maybe you’ve been a piano student for a while, but you feel as if you’ve reached a plateau in your progress. Or perhaps you’re simply looking for a way to get more out of your piano lessons.

While success may be particular to each student’s specific goals and interests, there are universal ways that each student can get the most out of their lessons. The key is to get the most out of the effort and time that you put into studying your instrument. Studying an instrument is like cultivating a garden: there is fun and learning to be had in the process, but measurable success, ultimately, has to do with growth. In order to help you grow the most from your piano lessons, here are three ways that you can set yourself up for success.

Choosing the Right Time Commitment:

Some thought should be given to the lesson length and frequency of lessons. When it comes to choosing the ideal piano lesson length, much can depend on your age, experience, and scheduling flexibility. The frequency with which you schedule your lessons may have a strong influence with how quickly you’re able to pick up the material as well. . 

How long should the piano lessons be?

A 30-minute lesson can be great for somebody who is tight on time, new to the instrument, or young children that lack an attention span. Less can often be more. Half an hour can go a long way in learning the basics of the instrument. That said, it can also be difficult to dive deeply into concepts, explore full songs, or hone in on specific details in such a short time. Lessons 45 minutes and longer are generally recommended to get the most value for the time spent.. Regardless of lesson length, success will be found by reinforcing what you learn in your lessons by practicing—just five minutes per day can increase your retention dramatically. Every student learns differently, but with a few lessons and some practice, even a beginner can learn to play basic songs in only a matter of weeks. 

How frequently should I schedule piano lessons? 

We at Forbes Music know that finding time to study an instrument can be hard, and we’re committed to making that process as easy as possible. Online piano lessons can often be easier to fit into your busy schedule, allowing you flexibility and control over your learning experience. In terms of piano lesson frequency, one lesson per week tends to be most common. Ambitious students with clear goals can often benefit from lessons even more frequently. Frequency is an important factor in building habits that will lead to success in your piano lessons. By building solid habits in the beginning of your lessons, you will prepare yourself for success as you move into an hour long lesson and longer practice times. 

Finding the Right Piano Teacher:

Finding the right teacher can be difficult if you are a beginner and do not know what you are looking for. The best piano teacher is the teacher who will best cater to your skill level, schedule, and musical interests. A good piano teacher will be able to quickly assess your skill level and prepare lesson material that will take you where you want to go. 

Young girl woman learns to play the piano with a teacher on a video conference from a laptop.

What should I look for in a piano teacher?

In looking for a piano teacher, you should find whose teaching style works well for you, as well as somebody who can be accommodating of your schedule and musical interests. It’s critical to work with a teacher who has excellent communication skills, maintains consistency without cancellations, and can clearly demonstrate concepts in a helpful way. Being able to personally connect and build a strong relationship with your teacher will help create a comfortable learning environment free from anxiety and judgement. After all, learning piano should be fun!

How do I find the right piano teacher?

Finding the right teacher can often be a challenge. Without the right resources or understanding, it may be difficult to know how to identify the best teacher for your needs. At Forbes Music, we work with a diverse group of great music teachers because we understand that every student has unique needs. It’s possible that the teacher most accommodating of your schedule and musical interests lives in a different area—if this is the case, a virtual piano teacher might be the best option for you. Working with an organization like Forbes, whose standards set the pace for quality and happiness, can make it easier to find the best teacher without the burdensome effort. We will work with you to find the piano teacher or virtual piano teacher that will most fit your needs, leading to successful piano lessons.

Setting up the Right Learning Space: 

Setting up the right learning space is crucial in having successful piano lessons. Setting up the right space means making sure a few key elements are in place. It is important to have a quiet, well organized, calm space where you can have lessons and practice piano. Make sure to have a piano set up and prepared. Your teacher can help you find the beginner piano equipment that most fits your budget and needs. You do not have to have a Steinway grand piano to have successful piano lessons. In fact, the best piano is the one that best fits your skill level and interests.  

How do you set up for piano lessons online? 

If you are taking virtual piano lessons, you will need a computer or tablet. Speak with your teacher to find out the best software or video conferencing platform from which to conduct the lessons. It will be useful to have a virtual piano lesson set up where you can point your camera to your hands, so that your teacher can see your fingers as you play. It’s also important that the space be well lit and free from distractions. Close unnecessary websites and shut off notifications that may be a distraction from your lessons. 

Piano at computer

How can I get the most out of my online piano lessons? 

Once you have set up your quiet space with your piano and your computer or tablet, you will be ready to have successful piano lessons. To get the most out of the endeavor, set goals and stick to them. Outline your objectives and remember that effective planning can help you stay on course. Communicate with your teacher and be upfront about any challenges or obstacles you’re facing. Your teacher is there to help and your feedback will ultimately make the lessons better. Actively participate in the lessons, ask questions, and stay motivated by creating a routine. Treat it as an in-person lesson by “showing up”– stay focused, be present, and be positive. 

You will find that by choosing the right time commitment, finding the right teacher, and setting up the right learning space, you will be developing your piano skills and learning your favorite songs in no-time.

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