Forbes Music Student Help Center

Are there hidden fees?

No, there are no hidden fees here! We’re open and transparent with all charges and fees associated with private lessons and other related products.

Forbes Music Company charges a one-time, $25 registration fee for new families. This charge only happens once, no matter how many children sign up for lessons. And if you come back to us after time away, we will not charge this fee again.

Private lessons are tax inclusive, meaning the cost for classes includes any tax and applicable fees. There will be nothing added to that cost. Ever.

Online Group Classes are billed through Eventbrite event billing platform. Eventbrite will charge 3.5% credit card processing fee, in addition to a 1.59% “event handling” fee. These charges are required by Eventbrite’s platform and are not optional or controlled by Forbes Music. You will see these fees added upon checkout for any live, online class purchase.

Items purchased through the Forbes Music shop will include any applicable sales tax and shipping. Billing and logistics are handled through our partner, Spreadshop, and will be assessed at checkout from the store.