Forbes Music Student Help Center

Are there recitals?

Forbes Music Company hosts both online, virtual recitals and in-person recitals. This way, everyone has a chance to participate in the performances!

Our online recital is open to all Forbes Music students and held biannually in December and June. The online recital is a Facebook Event held over several days. Specific dates will change annually.

Students can upload performance videos directly to our Facebook page during these dates, or send to Forbes Music via email, Google Drive, Dropbox, or iDrive. Videos are limited to 5 minute maximum length, and we go live to address our audience at the end of the recital period!

In-person recitals are held in select locations on a biannual basis. Typically, the Fall season recital is held the 2nd week in December, while the Spring recital is held the 1st week in June. Specific dates will change annually.

Due to capacity limitations, our in-person recitals require registration and are first come, first serve. Snacks and refreshments are provided, and we’re a warm, energetic crowd ready to applaud all performances!

Please refer to the Forbes Music Calendar for the school year in question for specific dates. This calendar can be found on our blog page by search.