Forbes Music Student Help Center

Attending the Class

Congratulations, you have purchased the ticket, read our article on class etiquette, and are now ready to attend the class!

After completing your purchase online, you will receive a link to the event content in your order confirmation email, in addition to a reminder email before the event starts.

From your order confirmation email, click “Go to online event page.” This will direct you to an Eventbrite page with your video meeting room link. Press the Play button in the video link, and please allow a moment for the instructor to allow entrance into the group class.

Once in the class, you will be automatically muted upon entrance. To ask questions or get the teacher’s attention, either type a direct message to the instructor with your question or comment, or use the “Raise Your Hand” feature if you wish to speak aloud. Please allow a few moments for the teacher to answer, as they may be in the middle of an explanation or answering another students’ question. You will be answered in the order in which you reached out.

Please be prepared. Forbes Music is not responsible for your attendance or WiFi connection. If you’ve lost your event link, cannot locate your confirmation email, or have trouble connecting to the event due to wifi issues, your ticket will not be refunded.