Forbes Music Student Help Center

Can I reschedule a cancelled lesson?

All cancelled lessons are subject to our cancellation policy. Eligibility for rescheduling depends upon the circumstances under which the lesson was cancelled.

If a client cancels a lesson without sufficient advance notice, unfortunately the lesson will not be eligible to be rescheduled. Please visit our Help Center articles for more information about Cancellation Policies as they relate to both in-home and online lessons.

Lessons cancelled with sufficient notice by the student will be eligible to be rescheduled, although may have rescheduling limitations or restrictions. In-home and online lessons may be rescheduled, but are subject to teacher availability.

Please note that an eligible, missed in-home lesson may be rescheduled as an online lesson, and may provide greater flexibility with teacher availability. Rescheduled lessons are not required to be scheduled with the same teacher with whom it was originally scheduled.

Any lesson cancelled by your teacher will be eligible for rescheduling. The same limitations may apply, however. In addition to rescheduling, clients also have additional options to reallocate their lesson credit in exchange for Online Class credits, Office Hours, as well as other applicable discounts.