Forbes Music Student Help Center

Choosing Your Schedule Plan

Here at Forbes Music Company, we understand that a valuable music education should also be affordable. We have a variety of different scheduling options—created with your budget in mind—that offer ultimate convenience, flexible scheduling, and deep discounts!

In-Home Lessons

With in-Home lessons, clients can choose from some of the most personable, fun, warm, and talented teachers in the industry. Lessons are conducted in the comfort of your own home. No need to travel to a location or a studio!

In-Home Scheduling Options

Online Lessons

With online lessons, clients can choose from a substantially larger, and more diverse array of teacher options and availability. Lessons can be conducted via multiple video conference software options including Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and more.

Online Lesson Scheduling Options

Online Group Classes

Our live, Online Group Classes are a great way for the casual learner to have fun and learn new skills, or the serious musician to expand their learning and repertoire. We explore fun subject matter, exciting themes and topics, and entertain along the way. We’ll cover contemporary hits and old favorites, and inspire the creative musician within us all.

Signing up for classes is easy! Find featured upcoming classes or a list of class offerings and calendar on

Typically, we recommend scheduling on lesson first to make sure you love the teacher and experience before setting up consistent lessons. We will check in with you after the first lesson to see how you enjoyed it, and if you would like to continue. You are welcome to try out as many first lessons as needed with available teachers before making your decision.