Forbes Music Student Help Center

Class Etiquette

Online Group Classes are an excellent place to make learning social, and to have fun exploring new and creative topics. We understand communication online is different than in person. Since this communication will lack certain social cues and body language, it is very important to understand common rules for good online etiquette.

Be respectful of the teacher as well as your classmates. Those involved in the class are real people affected by words said and written. Keep in mind the feelings of others, and be respectful of others’ opinions and feelings, even if they differ from your own. This is an environment free from religious or political discourse.

Be careful of strong language, CAPS, and excessive exclamation points. It is easy for written text to be misinterpreted or misunderstood. Angry, aggressive, and objectionable language will not be tolerated.

We love fun personalities, but be careful of humor and sarcasm. As aforementioned point of misconstrued language suggests, it is easy for written language to to be misinterpreted. Be cognizant of others’ feelings and be sensitive to what you may not know about others.

Be mindful of spelling and grammar. In an online, educational setting, it’s best to keep it formal. Written communication should be clear. Text shortcuts can b gr8 4 ur Snapchat, but not in an online class.

Please, do not post or share (even privately) inappropriate material or ask any personal, private questions. This is not a gossip session, and we take harassment very seriously. Be respectful of boundaries.

Be mindful of your background and your camera view. Avoid unintended, inappropriate material shown or shared with others via your camera.

Do not interrupt. Teachers work tirelessly to prepare thoughtful explanations, demonstrations, and flow. Please respect others’ questions and the answer being provided to them. There are no bad questions, and teachers will work to make sure everyone gets answered.

Try to be understanding of others. Treat people how you wish to be treated, with respect, courtesy, and kindness.