Forbes Music Student Help Center

Do you provide instruments?

When learning music, or studying an instrument, it’s critical to have the proper equipment or gear to ensure optimal results. Without an instrument to practice concepts and build muscle memory, motivation will quickly wane. Lessons will become repetitive, mundane, and your progress will stagnate.

Unfortunately, at this time, Forbes Music does not provide instruments to students.

Gauging interest is an important step before making a significant purchase; however, signing up for guitar lessons without a guitar, for example, will ultimately defeat the aim of lessons in the first place. Consider renting as an alternative, especially if it’s a short term period. There are some instruments that require mouthpieces or regular cleaning for sanitary purposes. When approaching these instruments in particular, we recommend renting or purchasing in order to maintain a healthy experience.

Consistent practicing helps maintain interest and motivation. Seeing growth and progress will do the same. We encourage you to rent or purchase equipment so that your lessons are as productive as possible!