Forbes Music Student Help Center

Does Forbes Music Offer Discounts?

Yes, indeed! Forbes Music offers discounts to clients. We offer discounted lesson rates to not just siblings, but parents, aunts and uncles, or any family member you choose! Your time and dollars are precious, and we at Forbes want to make sure that our pricing structure carefully considers families’ budgets.

Already built into our pricing structure, lessons are reduced in cost inversely proportional to the length being scheduled. In other words, the longer your lesson(s), the greater the discount and cheaper they become per time increment.

In-Home Lessons

Our discounts are relative to the amount of extra time added as well as the scheduling plan. This means that discounts are not determined on a single percentage or dollar discount basis. Rather, discounts are applied as “add-on” time, meaning the additional time is added at a reduced rate. So add siblings, parents, neighbors, and any additional time you wish! Your add-on time must be equal to or less than the initial lesson scheduled for the discount to be applied.

Students that sign up for the semester plan will also receive FREE online lesson time, referred to as Office Hours! Schedule time via video conference to follow up after lessons, get extra help, or get in more lesson time when needed! Additionally, students signed up for the semester plan will receive FREE Online Group Classes, too!

Online Lessons

Discounts for online lessons are also dependent on the amount of extra time as well as the scheduling plan.

For individually scheduled online lessons, Forbes applies “add-on” discounts similar to in-home lesson discounts (above). Additional time will be charged at a reduced rate. Your add-on time must be equal to or less than the initial lesson scheduled. Again, add siblings, parents, or the whole neighborhood!

Online lesson packages and subscriptions are discounted substantially. Additionally, even deeper discounts are applied when multiple 30min, 45min, or 60min online lesson packages or subscriptions are purchased simultaneously.

Furthermore, for any online lesson subscription plan purchased (quarterly or annual), Forbes students will receive FREE Office Hours and FREE Online Group Classes during the subscription period! The savings and benefits are too good to pass up.