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How does an online lesson package work?

Lesson packages are only available for online lessons. Packages are a very convenient way to pre-pay for a specific amount of lessons within an undefined timeframe, for a slight discount.

A package can be purchased in quantities of 4 lessons. If more than two packages are purchased simultaneously, a discount of 5% will be applied to the additional packages beyond two. For example, if a client wishes to purchase 12 lessons, this client would purchase three 4-lesson packages, the third being discounted 5% off the regular package cost.

Emails will be sent to clients when your package balance of lessons becomes low. Once the package allotment has been used, your card will automatically be charged for package renewal of the same number of lessons previously purchased. By written or emailed request only, packages do have a manual payment option for clients who wish to remit payment manually.

Clients are welcome to book the lessons when they choose, with the instructor of their choice. Instructor availability is not guaranteed.

Lessons can be scheduled with any available instructor, and clients are not required to work with the same teacher for all the lessons purchased.

Clients can schedule multiple lessons per week, or even per day. Clients can choose to make a specific day and time a repeating reservation. However, because instructor availability is not guaranteed, it is possible that there may be week(s) of no scheduled lesson during a repeating reservation time. In this case, it is the responsibility of the client to choose other options.

Credits for unused lessons will not be given. Should a client wish to withdraw with a package balance, any unused lessons will be forfeited. For more information about withdrawal, please visit our Help Center article: Unused packages (online only).

To learn more about the Cancellation Policy of lessons scheduled on an online package plan, please visit our Help Center article: Cancelling Lessons: Online Lessons Purchased with a Package.