Forbes Music Student Help Center

How does it work?

Forbes Music Company offers several different options for students to get the music education they seek. From private lessons, both in-home and online, to online group classes, we cover all instruments and lesson types, including songwriting, improvisation, and music theory. We keep things pretty easy, fun, and interesting!

Private Lessons

It’s as easy as three simple steps. First, submit an online inquiry to learn more about what we have available to you. Next, once we have some requisite information, we can provide to you a few teacher options from which you can choose. Finally, let us know which works best and how long you wish your lesson to be, and then we can get your first lesson on the calendar!

We always recommend scheduling one lesson first to make sure you are in love with the experience! Use your first lesson as an opportunity to make sure it’s a great fit with the teacher. Your teacher will reach out in advance of the lesson date to introduce themselves, confirm your scheduled date and time, and talk in a little more detail about what you are looking for.

We’ll follow up with you after your first lesson to make sure the experience was perfect. You can then choose to continue with your preferred plan and put additional dates on the calendar. Plan options will depend on whether you choose to set up in-home or online lessons. To learn more about which plans are available, please visit our website or visit our Help Center article regarding Scheduling Plan Options.

Online Group Classes

Online Group Classes are a great supplement to private lessons, and in some cases, can be a good, inexpensive alternative. Each class will vary in content, and the same class will likely provide a very different experience each time you take it. Taking the same class multiple times is encouraged, as you will likely learn new things each time! These classes are designed to be experienced either as a one-off class, or in tandem with others of related class content.

You can sign up directly from our website, and will receive email reminders until class time. At the time of the class, simply log in with the information provided to you at checkout or on your email reminders, and your teacher will guide you from there!

Please visit our website for more information about current class offerings and scheduled times.