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Office Hours

Office Hours are short, 15-minute scheduled “lessons” that serve the primary purpose of getting extra help, better explanations, or short refreshers from a teacher. Office Hours can only be scheduled as an online session, and they are not available for an in-home option.

Struggling with a question but don’t need or have time for a full lesson? Do you have questions about a technique or need a teacher’s guidance through some challenging material?

Sometimes all we need is an extra 15 minutes to get the answer we need, or to polish an audition or recital piece. Office Hours are a great way to get extra help in preparation for auditions, adjudications, and recitals. They are also a fantastic way to periodically add-on to private lessons, or as a follow-up to Live, Online Classes. Office Hours are a great way to reallocate missed lessons, as well!

Office Hours can be purchased individually, and packages can be purchased in any increment. Clients are alerted when the balance is running low, and can opt-in to auto-renewal to have their card charged, replenishing their Office Hour packages.

The same teacher is not required for all Office Hours, and teacher availability is not guaranteed. Lessons are not required to be completed within a given timeframe and do not expire. While flexible and convenient, cancellations and rescheduling are subject to our cancellation policy.

Note: If Office Hours are chosen as a means of canceled lesson reallocation, the Office Hours must be completed within the timeframe of the client’s billing plan.