Forbes Music Student Help Center

Online Group Classes Overview

Forbes Music now delivers unique group class experiences live, online, in real-time, and hosted by Forbes Music Teachers! Online Group Classes are a great way to connect live with a music teacher, explore a cornucopia of fun, interesting topics, and enjoy the social nature of music and learning in a constructive class environment.

Part of the nature of online classes includes interacting with many individuals seeking to further their own knowledge and skills. Students will often find themselves at different places along the learning curve, and may require different teaching methods in order to find success. We ask that clients be patient and respectful of all students, and understanding of teachers as they work to provide a quality experience for each and every class attendee.

Providing a comfortable atmosphere of respect, free from hostilities, is critical to forming strong client-teacher relationships. Please refrain from foul language, regardless of to whom it is directed, and any aggressive behavior. Any derogatory remarks or unacceptable behavior will result in the attendee being dismissed from the class without a refund.

It is a top priority for teachers to be respectful and understanding of clients’ needs. We respect your needs, and will bend over backwards to do everything in our power to observe these wishes, if and when possible.

Students will be muted during instructional portions of the class time. Should a question arise, students are asked to “raise their hand” or alert the teacher so the teacher can unmute the student and address the question. Students can direct message (DM) the instructor as well, if they prefer not to speak, to submit their question anonymously.