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Online Lessons: The Basics

In addition to in-home lessons, Forbes Music has a variety of online lesson options that offer ultimate convenience, flexible scheduling, and deep discounts!

With online lessons, clients can choose from a substantially larger, and more diverse array of teacher options and availability. Lessons can be conducted via multiple video conference software options including Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and more.

Logging into the video lesson is easy with one click! From your online account calendar, simply click the link to the teacher’s meeting room, and you’ll be opening the video conferencing software and requesting permission to join the teacher’s session. The link is included in all email lesson reminders as well, and can be easily accessed by just clicking the link. Unfortunately, FaceTime is not supported through this method.

Once logged in, several features await! From whiteboarding and note taking, to sharing documents, files, pictures, and music, teachers can closely simulate an in-person experience that will change the way you perceive online learning. You can record the lessons for review throughout the week, too!

For ultimate convenience, clients can use their laptop or mobile device for lessons. Take your lesson anywhere! Some considerations may be helpful to improve the experience. Backlighting for visual clarity as well as an external microphone may enhance the quality of your lesson but are certainly not required. Just like in-home lessons, students can take advantage of our special features like Repertoire Tracker, Performance Capture, Shared Lesson Notes, and File Sharing.

We have multiple scheduling plans available for Online Lessons. Visit our extensive Help Center articles to learn more about FAQs and scheduling options including weekly schedulingpackagesOffice Hours, and quarterly or annual subscription plans. Package and Subscription plans are loaded with perks and incentives!