Forbes Music Student Help Center

Online Policy Overview

Forbes Music delivers exceptional online music lesson experiences. Online lessons are a great way to connect with a teacher one-on-one, and to pursue music education in a private, personalized way.

It is a top priority for teachers to be respectful and understanding of a client’s needs. Please let us know if you have specific requirements in order to be comfortable with the virtual meeting. Some of these requirements may include camera or background requests. We respect your needs, and will bend over backwards to do everything in our power to observe these wishes, if and when possible.

We ask that clients return the same respect and understanding to teachers. Providing a comfortable atmosphere of respect, free from hostilities, is critical to forming a strong client-teacher relationship. Please refrain from foul language, regardless of to whom it is directed, and any aggressive behavior.

Finally, Teachers are neither babysitters nor disciplinarians. At Forbes Music, we are made up of music educators. We are professionals delivering a professional service. No Teachers will engage in or be part of disciplining children. If a parent or guardian simply needs oversight for their children, we kindly ask that you hire childcare professionals.