Forbes Music Student Help Center

Performance Capture

Understanding where you are in the learning process is important for understanding the path to overall growth. The Status section of the Repertoire Tracker is one small way that teachers will be able keep you updated on your progress.

Status Descriptions

  • Recommended – a piece of music that your teacher recommends for skill building and advancement.
  • Requested – a piece of music that the student has specifically requested to learn.
  • In Progress – a piece of music that you are currently working on with your teacher.
  • Completed – a piece of music that has been mastered/completed.

Access these notes by going to Navigation > Repertoires. Under the “Repertoires” subhead, you can easily scan the statuses of all of the pieces that you’ve studied.

Or you can also find it easily by accessing more detailed notes about the piece of music, either by clicking on the “Title” or “Performances” links. Your status will be listed under general information about the piece of music, but you will also be able to see it referenced in the upper right hand corner.